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Hollywood on the Moon

"Apollo 11 was the first mission in which humans walked on the lunar surface and returned to Earth.”

Apollo 11 Mission Summary


It is a common belief that it is possible for a human being to live on the Moon in a spacesuit, just as it is possible to live under water in a diving suit. Most people forget completely, however, that if one dives to a great depth one remains on the Earth but that if one flies in a spaceship sufficiently far away in the direction of the Moon one thereby loses his connection with the Earth. In a film from Hollywood it is no problem for a man in a spacesuit to set a flag on the Moon and to leave a human footprint. In reality however, it is impossible to do this. 

If a man falls asleep in the night, he loses consciousness of his physical body, and he then has no idea what is going on with his body. Nevertheless it happens as if by a miracle that a man wakes up refreshed and reinvigorated. He owes to the Earth the miracle that he finds his physical body reinvigorated in the morning, for the simple reason that his physical body is a part of the Earth. If this "part of the Earth" were removed far enough so that the Earth could not sustain this human physical body, the man would first lose his consciousness and then die. A walk on the Moon in a spacesuit is possible in Hollywood, but not in reality. 

To launch a spaceship to a space station is expensive; however it would not be much more expensive than to fly in the direction of Moon until a human being loses his connection with the Earth. This latter space-flight would test the law that the physical body of the human being is part of the Earth and that without connection with the Earth his physical body is not able to live. The reason why the Apollo missions were cancelled was not the cost, but the failure to land on the Moon in reality. The film, however, was represented as evidence of the success of the Apollo mission. It is not then a wonder, that years since the first successful landing of this "Hollywood on the Moon", no human being in a spacesuit successfully walked on the Moon in reality. 

If a man comprehends that his physical body is an inseparable part of the Earth, that he owes  his physical consciousness to the Earth, then  he also realizes that the Earth itself is a  living being which has an awareness of each of  its parts, and he begins to love the Earth  itself and other humans consciously.  

That is a general idea that people must accept, if they do not want to live with ideas from Hollywood but with ideas from reality.

 Written in July 2005


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